Recruitment Quotation

As far as possible we practice Ethical and Fair Recruitment Policy for recruitment which emphasizes that the workforce are recruited for free and the cost arising is borne by the employer. However, in practical we have faced that each employer has its own recruitment policies which differs from one to another. We have faced following categories of employers.

a) Employers pay full recruitment and logistics fees to workers and recruiters.
b) Employers bear only the processing fees. Service charges are borne by the employees.
c) Employers only bear the joining ticket. Other fees are borne by the employees.
d) Some employers do not provide any fees including ticket which is borne by the employees.

As the policies vary as per the employers, we are also flexible on such matters. These matters are clearly described and agreed in the internal agreement between the employer and us. Thus, while approaching us, please feel free to send us your terms and conditions. Generally, followings are the general expenditure that occurs in Nepal while recruiting Nepalese candidates.

SN Particulars US$ Details of expenses
1 Passport Making Fees Nepalese passport making fees depends on the duration one has to wait to get it. It starts from USD 50 to USD 150.
2 Medical Test Fees All the candidates are required to undergo a pre medical test after the interview/selection is completed. The cost depends on country of employment.
3 Embassy /Consulate Fees Embassy/ Consulate of certain countries charges certain amount as the visa fee. The cost and details varies as per the embassy/consulates.
4 Foreign Employment Term Insurance It covers employees` insurance for 3 or 4 years. It is compulsory to make insurance of 3 or 4 years for each outgoing employee. The cost depends on the duration of the contract, age etc.
5 Orientation Fee Candidates need to attend 2 days of orientation at the government authorized center which provides brief information about the country of employment, rules and regulations etc.
6 Worker’s Welfare Fund Fees All outgoing candidates need to deposit some amount as fixed by the DOFE which covers some of their risk if they met with any incident while overseas.
7 TDS and Taxes Recruiter need to make tax payment to government at the end of the year depending upon the salaries and other details.
8 Interview/ logistics and Other Administrative Fees Other misl fees at government offices, interview, trade test/ certification/attestation etc. The cost depends on required categories/required numbers and other terms and conditions.
9 Agency Service Charges Our service charges normally depends upon the required number of candidates; their categories; their salary and country of employment
Net Expenses in Nepal Total expenses occurring excluding passport and medical fees. Total expenses occurring excluding passport and medical fees.
Air Ticket Cost Depending upon the destination and Traveling season.
Total Expenses

Please contact us for exact quotation as per your terms and conditions.