Quality Policy

Management Quality Policy

  1. We are committed to operating a Quality System in compliance with concerned industry or company concerned as per their supplier code of ethics. We ensure that our policies are compliance with relevant industry specific standards and all statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.
  2. Transparency, commitment and fair practices and are our main factors when it comes to determining quality policy and we are committed to implement such practices.
  3. We are constantly pursuing the quality, value and reliability of service to our clients and striving to meet and, where possible, exceed client’s expectations, thereby maximising total customer satisfaction.
  4. We promote and practice the enhancement of skills of management and staff through training, evaluation and related activity policy. We believe that staffs are the most important assets and such activities to prepare staff to perform their work more effectively will increase their productivity and professional skills which ultimately benefits company. Such activities are open to all our staffs regardless of their gender, religion, races positions etc as we practice EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all.

Recruitment Quality Policy

  • As far as possible we practice and promote international system of recruitment that follows the FREE & FAIR RECRUITMENT POLICY which guarantees the equal rights of employment regardless of gender, race or caste.
  • While selecting workforce for our customers we apply one to one selection procedure is applied for each category where we interview/screen each candidate before forwarding bio-data for visa submission or selection by the employer.
  • Trade test is conducted for skilled and semi/skilled workforce and further training is provided to the required candidates in order to meet the international standard.
  • Each candidates is well briefed, atleast 3 times before their employment and before departure to their destination; before the interview during interview and after completing legal procedures for travel. The briefing/orientation includes various issues such as employment terms and condition, workplace and environment conditions, culture; rules and regulation of the employment places, conflict management, communication etc in order to avoid and tackle the problem upon their arrival.
  • We believe “service delayed is service denied”. Thus, every effort is made to provide the services on time for both the employer and the employees.
  • We take the guarantee of each worker (selected by us only) for the probation period. If they proved to be unsuitable to the job they are assigned to, we take the responsibility of replacing them on our own costs. We bear visa fees, repatriation fees and other expenses in order to repatriate and replace the unsuitable worker.