Quality Assurance

How Do We Source Candidates?

We use following methods to source candidates:

  1. Bio Data Bank: We have set up a bio data bank to source and secure candidates to supply them and as and when required. However, due to high demands of workforce, the bio data bank contains very few unused bio data of candidates as it is used very frequently. So once the new job order is received from our clients, we start to fill up the bio-data bank immediately.
  2. Internal Sourcing : We have our field staffs located at different parts of country (please note these are not so called sub agents but our full time staffs, who are paid by us for their services). They act as bridge between us and the local workforce. Most of the time, these staffs are responsible to source the candidates. Please note that we do not use UNAUTHORISED agents to source candidates.
  3. Publicity : Most of the times we use print/ electronic media to source candidates. This is applied only when the required volume is high or skilled categories are required, which could not be fulfilled through internal or bio data bank. However, such publicity is done only after obtaining proper authorization from the department of foreign employment or authorities of Nepal government as well as consent from the employer.
  4. Referral from Past or present candidates: This is the safest medium of sourcing as we are in contact with most of our past or present candidates working at various places.

Quality Assurance:

To recruit the right candidates for the right job is a big challenge and responsibility as it can make or break any organization. Thus, we do understand that every employer seeks certain assurance while recruiting its staffs.

We, as an experienced and professional recruiter, ensure that right candidates are recruited and mobilized to the employers so that all the stakeholders can have peace of mind with regards to the quality of the recruitment. In order to maintain the quality of recruitment we apply following methods.   

  1. Pre- Recruitment Briefing: Once a job requirement is received, briefing as regards to the job, is given to all concerns; including staff members/ resource persons and candidates. Such briefing consist of information about company and its policies, requirement details, required qualification/experience level for all positions, recruitment time line, salary, work nature and conditions etc.
  2. Sourcing/ Transparency: We understand the value or quality recruitment and believe that recruitment of right candidate will lift of company to higher level and a wrong candidate will drown a company. Thus, special care is given while selecting a candidates. We take one to one selection procedures while selecting or sourcing candidates. Factors such as physical ability, mental stability and medical history, working capabilities, qualification and experience are highly evaluated while selecting candidates so that non-qualified or unsuitable candidate is deployed to the employer.
  3. Trade and skill Test: For skilled/semi-skilled candidates we conduct formal trade test the trade test centers approved by the government. Only upon confirmation of their skill we mobilize candidates to their destination.
  4. Pre-Departure Orientation: Upon completing all formalities, candidates are required to go a 2 and half days of pre- departure orientation amongst which-
    1. – 2 days of orientation is given by the government approved trainers. Such orientation consist of various issues rules and regulation of destination country, climate, culture, dos and don’ts at the destination, rights and limitation of candidates, health issues and adoption in work country etc., travel procedures and immigration systems etc.
    2. – A half day of orientation is given by our office itself which consist of various matters such as company and its scope, salary and other benefits, work nature, working conditions, terms and condition of employment, condition of terminations and other matters.
  5. Guarantee after Deployment: Upon deployment of candidates, we take guarantee of workers for probation period (If selected by US ONLY). During such period if candidate is found unsuitable for the designated position, unable to carry out his duties, we shoulder the expenses that were spent on him for the recruitment. Our guarantee includes, repatriation of such candidates on our own expenses and providing a replacement for such (as far as possible) without taking any extra service charges, or refund of service charges/recruitment expenses.(This is applied for candidates selected BY US as final selection and not for the candidates selected/referred by the employer).