Recruitment Procedures from Nepal

Recruitment proedures varies as per the country of employment as their immigrations have different rules and regulations to employe foriegners in their country. Followings are the general procedures practiced in Nepal. These procedures are in progressive order and as determined by the rules and regulation of Nepal for overseas employment.

Steps Procedures Done by Duration Description
1 Signing of MOU Procedures Both the parties Recruitment agreement signed between employer and recruiter in person or through other means of communication.
2 Documentation Procedures Employer 4-7 days Employer will prepare required documents (such as demand letter and so on – please visit required documents section) and do the attestation of the same from relevant authorities such as Chamber of Commerce/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their country and Embassy/Cosulate of Nepal located in their country or region. Upon completing it, original documents are sent to us by courier.
3 Pre-Recruitment Permission Procedures Recruiter 5-7 days Upon receiving the original documents, it is submitted it to Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) in Nepal to get the permission for recruitment, (which is also known as PRE PERMISSION). Only upon receiving the permission from the DOFE, formal recruitment is started in Nepal
4 Publicity and Candidate Sourcing Procedure Recruiter 8-10 days The job orders are published in the national level news papers and electronic media to source and shortlist candidates. In between this period, we source the candidates and make them ready for further procedures such as medical and so on. For larger groups, interview and selections etc are done after this period as workers will be sourced through advertisement.
5 Interview /Trade or skill Test Procedures. Employer or Recruiter 2-3 days Final Trade Test or Interview is done by Employer or Recruiter as per the instructions / guidelines received from the employer.
6 Medical test and Documentation Procedures Recruiter 3-5 days Pre- visa application medical test is conducted for candidates who are selected and whose offer letter is received at our end. Upon completion of Medical procedures their documents are prepared and forwarded for visa application to the concerned country/consulate/embassy.
7 Visa Application and Endorsement Procedures. Employer Or Recruiter ... days Upon completing the local formatities of medical, police report, certification and other matters, visa is applied at the immigration/embasy/ consulate of the country of employment. The period depends upon the regulation of the concerned embassy/cosulate /immigraions.
8 Final Permission (Mobilization) Procedures. Recruiter 5-7 days Upon receiving the visa for the selected candidates, we will process their documents again at DOFE to get the mobilization clearance (which is also known as FINAL PERMISSION). After obtaining their insurance, welfare fund, orientation and so on and DOFE will also verify these matters. Candidates are also iinformed and prepared for mobilization.
9 PTA Requested / Airlines Reservations/ Mobilization procedures Recruiter & Employer 10-14 days Upon completing final permission mobilization date and plan is notified to the candidates as well as the employer. This could take 7-10 days due to the diversified and difficult location of Nepal where the means of transport and communication is very difficult to catch up with. PTA request and airlines reservation is done and notified to concerned stakeholders
10 Logistics and Arrival Procedures Employer Candidates received at the airport and transferred to their sites by the employer
11 Post Arrival Feedback Employer & Recruiter Upon completion of Mobilization, recruitment feedback is taken from employer and candidates with regards to the services.

The total recruitment period will depend upon the visa regulations of concerned embassy/ immigration/ consulte. However, upon receiving visa we can mobilise our workforce witin 2-3 weeks in normal period or even in a week on emergencies.
If Employer wished to coduct interview in Nepal, the recruitment documents MUST reach us atleast 2 weeks before the interview.