Why Recruit From Us

a) Legal and Authentic: We are one of the reputed and duly authorized agency to operate recruitment business. Legalization details as follows:
Our Recruitment License No: 646/063/064.
Ministry of Industry and Chambers Registration No: 41939 / 063-064
Embassy of Saudi Arabia Registration No: 064
Apart from above we also member of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies and also authorized to carry out recruitment under Japan International Training Cooperation (JITCO).

b) Fair and Ethical Recruitment Practice: As far as possible, we have been promoting and practicing international system of recruitment i.e Ethical Recruitment (as per the standard of the concerned industry) which focuses on Free Recruitment Practices. Transparency amongst stakeholders, commitment of services and professionalism are our norms of business.

c) Experienced Team: Our company is managed by professionals having the experience of 20+ years in the industry who can deliver and fulfill any requirement on given time frame and also tackle any problems arising during the course of recruitment as well as employment.

d) Infrastructure & Resources: We are well equipped with the infrastructures required for any modern day recruitment including training, trade/skills test facilities, well managed office environment and resources. Through our extended public relation we are able to provide all types of workforce from non-skilled helpers to highly skilled candidates as required by industry/company.

e) Quality Policy/ Guarantee on Candidates: Workplace quality policy, recruitment quality police and employment quality policies are carefully planned and implemented within us. We also take guarantee of performance of each candidate we select and deploy during the probation period. If they proved to be unsuitable to their work during probation period, we take the responsibility of replacing them (IF THE SELECTION IS DONE BY US ONLY).

f) Sourcing of Candidate: We avoid unauthorized sources / middlemen for sourcing workforce. It is done through our own Bio Data Bank, Internal sourcing and newspaper and electronic media campaign in the local market to provide the best suited candidate to employer.

g) Selection Procedure: We apply One to One selection procedure testing their skills individually in the required field as per the instruction/criteria received form the employer.

h) Liaison and Coordination: We have excellent relationship and liaison with local government offices, embassies, airlines and other related stakeholder in the industry to carry out the recruitment procedures smoothly.

i) ZERO COMPLAIN: We are proud of the fact that we have ZERO complain record against us by employers or candidates at labour offices, embassies and consulates where as many agencies struggling to settle complains against them. This is thanks to the policy we implement while recruiting or deploying our workforces as we take these matters very seriously.

j) Local Liaison Office and Resources: We have our own office in Qatar to provide better services as for easier liaison with the employer and workers when needed during employment as well as for local recruitment purpose through which we can provide you all skilled and unskilled workers easily in Qatar. Through the office situated there it is easier for us as well as our clients to handle all issues related in Middle East.

We also plan to open 7 office in all 7 states (provinces) in Nepal in near future as the recently passed laws allows us to do so. It was not possible legally until now.