Terms and Conditions

We, as a registered recruitment agency, work under following terms and conditions with the employer across the word.

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1 While under contract with the employer, the payment of Government Levy/Taxes etc shall be borne by the employer and shall not be deducted from the employees unless stated in the employment contracted and accepted by the employees.
2 All the Nepal workers recruited from our company shall be received on the same day, without fail, on their arrival.
3 Employer must pay the salaries of the workers for the rest of the contractual period if they are terminated prior to the contractual period for any reasons other than health and disciplinary ground.
4 Employer should guarantee that the company will not apply and cancel the work permit of any worker if he/she lodges any complaint with relevant authority pertaining to his/she rights and privileges until the matter is settled by the authority concerned.
5 Employer shall arrange the visit of Embassy official(s) or representatives of agency to the work places and workers’ hostel with prior information to look into the welfare of the employees it has recruited from us.
6 If any employee is terminated on health reasons, he will be repatriated at the expense of the employer and if the employee is terminated on disciplinary grounds, he will be repatriated at his own cost.
7 Employer shall repatriate sick/disabled workers whatsoever may be the cause of disability / sickness at the expense of the company.
8 If any worker dies in the country of employment, while still working and under the management of employer, it will arrange repatriation of dead body and will pay compensation as laid down in existing laws.

Any other matters not mentioned herein shall be as per the prevailing rules and regulation of both the sending country and receiving country.